Who we are

We are a group of descendants of German citizens that seek the return of the right granted to our forefathers in 1913, to re-acquire automatically their German citizenship in case of loss due to the old consular registration requirement for germans who lived abroad for a period longer than 10 years. Through a decree signed by Adolf Hitler in 1935, such right was taken away in order to provide the national socialist regime full powers to deprive people of their citizenship rights on political, racial, or religious grounds.

Artikel 116 Wir Auch in German means Article 116 Us Too. This article of the German Basic Law defines the concept of German nationality, and its paragraph 2 grants the restoration of the German citizenship to all people who were deprived of them by the national socialist regime.

Like other groups who were deprived from their rights find support in the article 116, paragraph 2, part 1, sentence 1 of the Basic Law, we believe such provisions can also correct the injustice caused to our German forefathers and their descendants.



A Facebook Group has also been created specifically for people whose ancestor was a German woman that had her children born in wedlock to a non-German citizen before January 1st 1975 & 1953. Click here to join.